Tiffany’s Wedding Stationery

The first wedding project we have done is for my best friends, Andre & Visa. I’ve known them for so long; since high school, when they were not even in relationship yet. Even they are not in the same university back then; Andre was in New Zealand and Visa was in Melbourne, but love isn’t the matter of distance for them. Every time they went back to Indonesia for long holidays, we would spend days together with the rests. When i heard that they are about getting married, i was so exciting. Knowing them for so long, of course my thoughts of helping them preparing the wedding came first. Visa told me about the color theme that she wanted. Being a classy woman herself, i think it’s a suitable color palette for her. I did their Holy Matrimony Program Book, Invitations and Favor Box.

The theme was later became my inspiration for her bridal shower, which is the Black and White ‘Breakfast at the Tiffany’s Inspired’ Bridal Shower.


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